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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  May 29, 2011 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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innova is pet food made right so can you feed them right. find it at your local pet store. in missouri. the president is expected to join whose who have lost loved ones in joplin. a day of court. sarah palin gets ready to roll. she's hours away from taking off on her bus tour. and you have seen it in your town. all of those college grads heading to commencement ceremonies in caps and gowns. good morning, everyone. i'm alex witt. welcome to "msnbc sunday." joplin residents are working hard to clean away the debris.
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it's been exactly one week since the tornado blew through town with 200-mile-an-hour winds. president obama will arrive in joplin this afternoon to walk through the streets and participate in the memorial service. charles hadlock in joplin. good morning. talk about the recovery effort. every once in a while we hear about a glimmer of hope, but we haven't heard that much good news that way since. >> reporter: no, we haven't. there hasn't been anyone pulled alive from the wreckage since tuesday. so it's more of a recovery effort under way now. although they hold out hope that perhaps they can find someone alive but hope is dwindling one week later. the wind is picking up, which makes it a bit dangerous if you're near some debris. we had to dodge a mattress that picked up and started flying our way. some of the hazards here with so much debris on the ground here.
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8,000 structures damaged or destroyed. people have converged to try to sought out this debris. but it's going to be months before this town begins to clear out of all this debris. the mayor told me just a moment ago that they're having to find land outside of town to make into a landfill to haul all this stuff off. in fact, the city of tuscaloosa, which was hit by a tornado a month ago, the engineers said there there was enough debris picked up by the storm to fill a football field one mile high. that was tuscaloosa. this is much greater damage here in joplin. so a big clean-up effort still ahead for these people here in missouri. >> damage a mile high. just imagine envisioning that. and then this is ten-fold worse. all right, charles hadlock. thank you so much for the
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update. in less than an hour the president will fly to join lynn to tour the devastation. he spent six days meeting with leaders in europe. nbc's kristen welker is live for us at the white house this morning. with a good morning to you, kristen, i know the president has an emotional and hard day ahead of him in joplin. what's he going to do specifically? >> reporter: he certainly does, alex. he's going to leave within the hour, survey the tornado and damaged area, visit with the victims. certainly an emotional day. he's going to attend the memorial service. we expect him to give brief remarks. he'll meet with fugate. they'll meet with local officials, assess the damage, the president sending a strong message that the government will be providing whatever is needed there in joplin. alex? >> okay. i know it's going to be a tough
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day to view. in speaking with the mayor, he said unless you see it it's hard to contemplate. he's also make ang announcement of note tomorrow in the rose garden. what's that about? >> reporter: that's right. alex. he plans to make his announcement of the retiring chairman of the joints chief of staff mike mullen. we expect him to nominate army chief west point graduate who's reportedly quite strong in the field as well as diplomatically. he served to command tours in iraq. he's also someone who's pretty free of political baggage. remember this passes over the joint chair of vice chief of staff, james cartwright. if he does take over and confirmed by the senate, dempsey will take his post in october and he takes his post at a very
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critical time, because you remember the drawdown of troops in afghanistan begins this summer. alex? >> kristen welker at the white house. thanks so much. you can watch the president's full remarks at 3:00 p.m. eastern. we'll carry that here on "msnbc sunday." it promises to be an emotional event. this morning the soggy northern plains braced for a second round of rains. they employed the national guard to help with flood relief efforts. they fear that the combination of more rain and melted snow will swell the missouri river. we turn now to the weather channel's ray stagich to tell us who else is expecting rain today. good morning. >> good morning, alec. yeah, you've got that right. not only rain but severe weather. we've got not only a flood threat but a severe thunderstorm threat. we're going to get to the first watch of the day coming up in just a second. a low chance of a tornado here in this area in red.
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detroit, you're under the gun for more rounds of thunderstorms. it comes around and hits you and then goes away. as we look at the holiday, memorial day. minneapolis, pierre, grand island, nebraska, this is an area to watch for strong winds. here this next wave of low pressure arrives along the front. but here's the severe weather this morning. chicago, you are included that watch. big storms coming in to western parts of illinois, getting ready to go on through davenport and the quad city. big-time severe weather there. this is where the flooding threat is. so more rain on top of swollen rivers already and flash flooding is possible. 2 1/2 inches of rain this morning in three hours. so it's coming down pretty quickly. and we continue to see the rain. the rain in the east just passing through albany, the capital of new york state but not the first capital. down in philadelphia, we've got
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quiet weather on tap. more showers in the east. temperatures, they're going to be warm. trough in the west showing us where the cooler weather is, and the warm numbers will continue on memorial day. look at the city. all the way up to 88 degrees. atlanta, 90, dallas, 90. above average in the eastern half of the u.s. we think there could be records here. we're going to be close, flirting with record-high temperatures here. washington, d.c., the record is 95 for memorial day. we're forecasting a high of 93. so we've got a heat story and a severe weather story. so a lot of action at the weather channel here today. alex? >> keeping it busy. thank you for bringing it to us, ray. casey anthony is accused of killing her daughter in 2008 and more family members are testifying including her mom who broke down on the stand this weekend. >> reporter: 25-year-old accused murderer casey anthony accused in court. >> what did you recognize it to
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be? >> reporter: prosecutors allege casey placed duct tape around her daughter caylee's nose and mouth and dumped the body near the family's woods and home, killing her to escape the responsibilities of motherhood, instead enjoy the care-free life of a party girl. but casey's defense lawyer says the little girl's death was nothing more than a horrible accident. >> caylee anthony died on june 16, 2008, when she drowned in her family's swimming pool. >> reporter: but nobody called police for 31 days. >> look at what you've done. >> reporter: in a bombshell the defense told the jury the body was found in the pool and there was a cover up. casey claimed she was afraid to tell the authorities because she was allegedly sexually abused by her father since she was 8 years old.
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her father, former detective, denies those claims. >> the instant flash in my mind is whew, i know what that smells like. >> reporter: george anthony described the smell of death as he approached casey anthony's car. >> that particular smell when you smell it, it's something you never forget. >> reporter: there was no body and he never dialed 911. facing an eight-week-long trial, the judge considered having testimony on monday, memorial day, but the cost of ordering court, bringing in bail lives and deputies ran into real-world problems. the budget is tight and the cost of this trial so far, more than a million about dollar. two people are dead after a bus crash. it crashed 80 miles east of seattle as it carried fan home from a soccer match.
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a man and woman died when it hit a pickup truck on the side of interstate 90. a man standing by truck was also injured and as many as 14 others were injured from that incident. in atlanta, georgia, a fall from a hotel window killed a model and another woman. they were attending a birthday party. the injured woman is hospitalized. they reportedly were play-fighting when they accidentally crashed through the window. in hudson, north carolina, residents are back at their home. the plant is closed on weekends, so there were no injuries. the blaze was started by an explosion in the facility which makes dyes and coatings for furniture and other products. the possible position. next, will the gop brave the political risks and support an unpopular physician.
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the threat was called, quote, significant and tenacious. the pentagon said the impact on the operations was minimal. they're still trying to determining though, how to deal with that security breach. a look now at the rolling thunder rally in washington, d.c., where motorcycle riders are gathered to honor the troops as well as draw attention to the troops missing in action.
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sarah palin is out there somewhere this morning. she's starting her bus tour at that rally. she's not an official speaker though. robert gates and mike mullens will address the crowd as will the commander of the "uss cole." republicans say democrats don't have a plan and there must be cuts to medicare. they say they want to cut too much. this is what he told dag gregory this morning on ""meet the press."" >> one is to change the delivery systems and not let some of the drug companies get away with so much. democrats are in the second one. republicans are on the third one. >> amy stoddard who's an associate editor. thanks for joining us. >> thank you, alex, good morning. >> are republicans facing a real problem with their position with
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cutting medicare spending? is this the kind of thing that's unpalatable to voters? >> yes. it remains politically radioactive, though both parties say it has to be acknowledged. it is one of the top drivers of federal debt. what we saw this last week in the special election in the new york 26 district was democrats use this issue successfully, attacking the republican in the race who had supported the plan that house republicans passed with a very controversial medicare overhaul in it successfully and basically won a district. there were some other factors but used the district. they won independence and seniors -- this is very frightening to republicans as they try to stick with their policy. >> look.
10:17 am
nobody wants these cuts. 54% of voters say the budget can be balanced without cutting spending for medicare. so can democrats continue to propose plans that don't make major cuts to entitlements or are they going to have to make some unpopular decisions? >> what we see is that vote is wrong. in some ways the growth of medicare has got to be curbed and that's just elementary at this point and everyone, as i said at this point, agreement democrats are going to be faced with some unpopular decisions. that's because they're looking to raise the debt ceiling sometime this summer and in that battle they seem to be sticking to their ground that sometimes the cuts to mandatory spending have to be made in the areas of medicare, at least not the other programs as well. and so democrats probably to get the debt ceiling raised, the president is going to have to come to the table and compromise
10:18 am
only on some type of reform at least for now. >> talk about the message not clearly being sent. so in terms of 2012, can republicans reclaim the conversation and make it about democrats that make major cuts? >> i think they plan to stick with this message. they voted for it. they don't want to back down. they're going to come up with new and improved mentioned on that and they'll continue to hammer them for not taking cuts. the 2012 republican field, though, is different. there you see some republicans not fully -- slightly hesitant, not fully embracing the ryan plan to overhaul medicare and so you see tim pawlenty and mitt romney and others saying i'm going to have my own plan and you'll see the differences. so they're trying to fled tled the needle about having their own plan that they think will be
10:19 am
more desirable. so that's going to be different than the congressional republicans who fully embraced it and they're going to have to stick with that and sort of improve the message. >> if you want to bring medicare into the conversation, the cuts are also there. if you look at this poll, 54% of independents want absolutely no cuts whatsoever to medicaid. overall is this sort of the third rail? >> it really is. that's why they took over the house and the ma jart and decided to grab the third rail. it's such a hot potato and they're finding it out. we all know and they know especially if you want to get the deficit under control and ultimately the debt you have to reform entitlements and that's not going to make anybody happy. the way to turn the argument around is to say to voters like the independents, if we don't touch entitlements, do you want
10:20 am
us to take away all of this other stuff, head start, cancer research, veterans, et cetera. that's what they're going to do rhetorically. >> thank you, a.b. stoddard. we'll see you next year. graduates and hope next. plus president obama's right-hand man. how he keeps the commander in chief on track. ♪ [ male announcer ] in 2011, at&t is at work, building up our wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience. from a single phone call to the most advanced data download, we're covering more people in more places than ever before in an effort to give you the best network possible. at&t. rethink possible.
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new temptations. third day this week. so i took my heartburn pill and some antacids. we're having mexican tonight, so another pill then? unless we eat later, then pill later. if i get a snack now, pill now. skip the snack, pill later. late dinner, pill now? ugh, i have got heartburn in my head! [ male announcer ] stop the madness. take prilosec otc for frequent heartburn. one pill a day, 24 hours, zero heartburn. no heartburn in the first place? great. [ male announcer ] use as directed for 14 days. looking ahead to the week on wall street, we're going to see a shorter trading week as all the markets are closed on monday for the holiday. on monday we'll see the report on labor statistics. companies have been hiring more workers. we'll see if that put a dent in the 9% unemployment rate. this week president obama will visit a chrysler assembly
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plant in ohio as a show of support. >> >>. across the country, college graduates. finding work still is not easy and when you do find that job, chances are the starting salary's going to be a bit lower than it was a decade ago or a lot lower depending on the industry. is this the new reality for college grads? let's bring in rick newman, chief correspondent. your article talks about even though jobs are scarce, there's an advantage to being a younger worker. >> let's remember there are not enough jobs for everybody who wants them. many are disappointed. they're not earning as much as they feel they should. the younger people have a bit of an advantage because they can actually afford to work for less. most people don't want to move back home with mom and dad, but they kchlt it's a lot easier to
10:25 am
make some sacrifices like that, take a lower paying job to get on the track you want than it's going be when you're 40 or 50 and have a family. lots of people who have families right now are dealing with this very problem and that's extremely difficult. you doan have that problem. you have more mobility too. >> you do, but if you look at the stats for college grads, it's at 9% but it's up. a lot of the people who have bachelor's degrees, it doesn't require -- >> it looks like half or more students with bachelor jobs are working at jobs that don't require a degree, clerk, customer service, reps, waiters, things like that. the first thing you have to do is know what kind of jobs are available. a lot of students get out of college and say i'd love to work as an art historian. there are a lot of jobs not
10:26 am
there right now. so you have to go to the job sites and what do companies really want? math and engineering is a good thing. >> computer skills. >> computer skills. analytics. you might be able to euro your creativity in a tangible way. companies are not going to take a chance on you, so be patient. take those part-time jobs, temporary jobs, internships, and give yourself a couple of years to get this right because it's going to take a couple of years. >> one thing you might do is move. you u may not be able to start in new york, l.a., chicago, san francisco. >> in some parts of the country it's still a recession. if you want to be in, say, technology, you need to be where a lot of tech companies are based. if you're try dog this in a place where that's not the case,
10:27 am
you're going to have fewer opportunities to start. the longer you stay in one place, the deeper your roots get. you'll face limited opportunity s if you stay this the same place. it's easier to locate when you're in your 20s. >> at least it's looking for grads this year. >> it's way better than it was two years ago. slow progress. >> thanks so much. have a good one. >> thanks. how are you spending your holiday weekend? we want to hear from you. you can tweet me @alex witt. sarah palin hits the road in her tour bus. she'll end up in a key state, a state where she's not been since her last election. plus emotionings heat up in the casey anthony courtroom. what prosecutors are hoping to show the jury by putting casey's mom on the stand. acuvue® oasys for astigmatism. he said it's the only lens of its kind
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the casey anthony murder trial picks back up on tuesday. casey anthony's mother broke down on the witness standed on saturday after a number of pictures were introduced into evidence, including a picture of caylee's bed. >> can you see that? >> yes, ma'am. >> do you recognize it? >> yes, ma'am. >> what do you recognize it to be? >> caylee's bed. >> does that photograph fairly and accurately depict caylee's bed? >> yes. i mean there's normally a few things normally there that are not there and the pillowcase isn't on the bed, but, yes, that's caylee's bed. >> joining me now is the host of "true she's talking about her
10:32 am
granddaught granddaughter caylee anthony's bed. to agree that indeed that's her granddaughter's bed. it's so emotional for her to go through that. what kind of an effect does that have on a jury or on people who are looking to investigate what happened? >> well, the jury is clearly on edge and upset seeing the parents in an emotional state, but in particular cindy and her husband george and pitting them against each other. i truly believe cindy didn't know anything, which is why she called 911 and said the car smells like there's a dead body in it. george deliberately brought that car home from the yard, aired it out, went to work, and left the car in the garage. he knew that that could have been a piece of evidence.
10:33 am
he's a former detective. he left that car there thinking cindy wasn't going to notice. and cindy, of course, said, hey, i have my missing granddaughter, i haven't seen my daughter in three weeks, i'm calling the police. so cindy's in a very unusual position and the jury knows it. to see her cry like that, alex, it was breaking hearts in the courtroom. >> but now what you're talking about -- and i know this is your interpretation, i'll be very clear about that. but george's actions, bringing the car home, what does that say about him? >> that's what i'm saying. of course, it's my interpretation. but it comes from being cross-examined by jose baez. look, george anthony is a former cop. but you don't have to be a former cop or detective to know you've got a missing granddaughter for a month, you haven't seen your daughter in three weeks, grow to a tow yard where a car has been adan boned and sitting for two weeks and it smells like death and you
10:34 am
testify to that and get in the car, drive it home, leave it in the garage and don't call police, don't call 911? what does it say about george anthony? >> i don't know. it's interesting. we'll leave that rhetorical there. how do you play it out. as people get inside this family, it seems so incredibly dysfunctional. you have a mom being pitted between her daughter and her husband and trying to defend what happens to her granddaughter. i mean does this kind of work hard in people's minds like tries to figure out what's going on? >> i think that's what's become -- it's a national obsession at this point. >> oh, yeah. >> the reason is because no one can understand how can a mother not call about a missing daughter for 31 days. that's casey. but how can the grandmother then report in about a dead body. and how do these pieces fit together? allegations of sexual abuse, not
10:35 am
only by the father but by the brother and she's reported it to more than one person. we heard testimony outside the presence of the jury about exactly what casey said in terms of what her brother supposedly did to her or tried to do. so you've got all this dysfunction in a family who are living in a household. how are they -- alec, here's a question. how do they live in a house, they were raising casey from when she was born. now she's 3 years old. how do the grandparents let their child be missing for a month and not do any, not call anybody? how does it happen? >> i don't know. i have no idea. you're right. this is an absolute obsession. even driving in the wee hours i say to my producer what happened yesterday, let's talk about it. all the defense has to do is put enough doubt in one juror's mind, correct. >> absolutely.
10:36 am
>> that's it. >> okay, aphrodite jones. it's a very interesting conversation. thanks so much. you can also watch "true crime with aphrodite jones" on discovery. sarah palin is kicking off her bus tour. today she'll roll along with the roller thunder with a rented motorcycle. it's expected to end up in new hampshire. that's a state where pay lynn hasn't been since the last ee ooe lekz. joining me now. so what is that about? does that just signal poor planning or a sign that this is not a serious campaign? >> you fwhoe, sarah palin makes
10:37 am
a decision she wants do something. it's going to be completely unconventional. it doesn't mean she can't win, is not going to run. it's impossible to read the tea leaves when it comes to the palin team and there's a lot of confusion over where she's going next but it's certainly able to grab a lot of attention, which she's able to do very well. >> she is. with regard to what she has done, if this is the beginning of the campaign, she's hired a couple of new people to put on her staff is. that a serious indicator that she may be going for a presidential bid? >> maybe. she hasn't done a lot of ground work for somebody who's launching a presidential bid. next week mitt romney is going to announce his bid. michele bachmann. by the way, no one more upset about sarah palin's new entry into the spotlight than the bachmann team who thought they were going to be able to step
10:38 am
out of the palin. now with the run, a lot of attention is going back to her. the people she hired, she hired for this tour. it doesn't necessarily mean she hired them on to keep them on. it mean she wanted to set up this one-nation tour and it's not necessarily indicative of anything to come beyond this. >> let's play a little bit of what texas governor rick perry had to say about the election of 2012. listen to this. >> what about when the election is over, are you going to think about it? >> yes, sir. >> are growing to thing about it? >> i'm going to think about it. but i think about a lot of things. >> what did you make of that, domenico, and what do you think if he runs? >> why not. there's a lot of people calling for another potential candidate. they want chris christie from new jersey who says he's not
10:39 am
running. rick perry who says he's thinking about running. a lot of people on the republican side are dissatisfied and that's why someone who's a big state governor thinks about it. does he get in? i don't think he necessarily gets into a race, because even in his own state there was a poll out last week that shoes he wouldn't even be the preferred candidates for republican in texas necessarily. so this whole waiting for superman thing, i think they're going have to look at their field and think this is probably our field. someone like mitt romney, by the way, is going to benefit from all of the side show stuff going on where attention for palin or rick perry or someone else because he can take the vote and
10:40 am
kov kov koval less around there. reggie love may have started as an intern but now he is the closest person to the commander in chief outside of his family. he's not family or secret service but the president's body man. lindsay czarniak. good morning. i want to hear about this reggie love. he's so fascinating. >> he is. he certainly has a pow ore f star power in his own right just because of what he's accomplished himself but he earned that job as personal aid to the president because he wowed stacwow ed staffers with attention to detail. so now he's a body man. as he told me, it can be as fulfilling as winning a national championship. former duke forward reggie love has transitioned from playing for mike shah shelf ski, one of
10:41 am
the nation's most revered coaches to one of the world's most powerful leaders. he makes life easy for president obama. sometimes that includes taking a little ribbing. >> some of you know that my assistant used to play for the coach. he played on the 2001 championship team and he was a team captain in 2005. in fact, roejgy was so excited to see his old coach today that i had to make him come out and run some sprint drills just to calm him down. >> how are their leadership styles similar and how are they different. >> straight-shooting individuals. >> what is the toughest? >> he made a comment like you're a representative of me. i'm working very hard all the time. you need to make sure you're working as hard as i'm working. >> does he ever pull you aside
10:42 am
and say, reggie, what are you doing? >> there are times he'll question me about some suit i'm wearing. i think i may have worn flip-flops only the plane one day. he's like -- he said, i'd be willing to bet that you're probably the first person to wear flip-flops on the ear force one. >> does that mean you don't do it again? >> that means you don't do it again. >> reporter: he's the man keeping the commander in chief on track and the guy with whom the president unwinds. >> tell me about basketball in the white house. >> we came to the cob collusion that basketball was luck. >> caller: got it. >> we played in iowa on caucus day, a bunch of his friends from chicago had come down for the actual caucus day. since it was so close, we went to iowa h e want to new hampshire, we didn't play, and someone said you didn't play basketball on election day. from then on we playing
10:43 am
basketball on every single primary day from there on out. honestly i don't think basketball was responsible for the outkombu it gave you piece of mind. not only did you make all the phone calls you could make, did you raise enough money, did you run enough advertisements, did you also play basketball. >> reporter: the president at one point said you were the best athlete -- >> he said that before he played with lebron and dwyane wade. >> reporter: yes, that's true. >> no. he would hold it against you if you took it easy on him. >> and the real secret is apparently the best player in the white house is arne duncan. nobody wants to touch him when they do play. they say it keeps them on pace. >> arne duncan, he's tall. i heard he was one of the best guys playing at harvard, so i
10:44 am
totally believe all that. thanks, lindsey czar knack. the volunteers who took it in their own hands. and we'll talk with a trailblazing pilot. my conversation with that lady there captain bernice "fly girl" armor coming up next. ♪ quack! [ baby coos ] ♪ ♪ [ girl giggles ] ♪ [ female announcer ] p&g. proud sponsor of moms. [ male announcer ] introducing mio. a revolutionary water enhancer. add a little...add a lot. for a drink that's just the way you like it.
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they volunteered to place flags on more than 50,000 american vets buried there. on tuesday they'll pick up the flags so that the cemetery is found jut as they left it and keep it for next year's memorial sight. she accomplish ed all of he personal girls by the age of 30 and she's nowhere near done yet. we're honoring all those serving on memorial day weekend. my next guests served two tours becoming the first african-american female combat pilot. joining me now is the captain let's call her. awe her to of "zero to breakthrough." i'm so glad you're here. i got so excited with you walking in. i think of all you've accomplished at such a young age. was it an attitude. approach, what was it that made you get to where you got, so young? sfloo all of the above but mostly the shoulders i stand on. i stand on a legacy of people
10:49 am
who made sacrifices and blazed the trail before me, a branch really off of the trail and that's one of the things i talked about from zero to breakthrough. the mission. how did we do this stuff together? >> how did you get to do the stuff you do? you had to do so much of it on your own? did you have family support saying, hold back, we don't want you doing this, it's dangers. >> i gave my parents all their gray hair, let me say that up front. my step dad, i call him dad, he did not want me to be a marine. he said, you know, i've seen how they treat women and, you know, it's not an easy road, it's going to be tough. i said, dad, if i don't do it, who will. we all have to take personal responsibility. that's what i call the breakthrough mentality. >> what did you find? >> honestly that's one of the questions people ask me most. was it hard, sexism, discrimination. i said if somebody didn't talk
10:50 am
to me in the morning or i didn't get invited to a party. have you ever been in a relationship. friction is a natural. if they didn't say hello because i bench press more, i have short hair, i bench press more or i'm a black or a woman. i didn't care. if i can focus to do the best i can be, fly that attack helicopter. >> attack helicopter. in the commercial break you told me about what your inspiration was to write this book. tell our viewers about that. >> my cousin lucas johnson wrote "finding the book," so he was already a published author. as soon as i became the first marine corps fighter's pilot, he said, you've got to write a book that. was in 2001. iraq came up in 2003. after two tours i'm standing on the border of syria talking to him on a satellite phone at 2:00
10:51 am
in the morning and i said, okay, cuz, i'm ready. >> that's because of seeing what you receive as a combat pilot. >> yes. >> tell me about the things you've seen. >> things are reinforced over and over again and you start to come up with your own flight plan, if you will. i put mine on paper to help folks, you know, accomplish some of their own goals to go "zero to breakthrough." i offer free coaching. >> you offer battles for accomplishing goals that matter. what is one of the seven that you think people don't do, which they could so o easily do as we take a look at all of them. but what's the one thing you say that, hey, do this, get going. >> create -- there's so many, too, that i'd like to testify about. one is create the flight plan that you really want. how many times have you wanted to do something but you kind of
10:52 am
boil it back because you don't know how you're going to get there. we limit our goals or our dreams before we even step out because we think we can't achieve it. put your goal out there. then the resources will show up to help you. how many times have you been talking to a girlfriend and said, oh i really want to do it. she says, oh, amy can help you. put it out there. create the flight plan. >> give me the good one. tell me the second one you want to put out there. >> excuse. stop with the excuse. make a commitment to execute. >> thank you so much. >> cleared hot. >> got it. thank you. in our next hour, some ideas on where to go if you want to play in the sand and surf. we're going to show you the new list of america's best beaches here on "msnbc sunday." i've seen the sunrise paint the desert. witnessed snowfall on the first day of spring. ♪
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president obama eastbound for joplin, missouri, to see how
10:56 am
devastatinging a 200-mile-per-h tornado can be. we'll have a live report for you at the top of the hour. another 2011 is the deadliest year for tornadoes on record. there have been more than 1,300 preliminary tornado reports made this year and the year is only halfway over, not even. recently the average number of confirmed tornados if tr u.s. has been 1,274. compare those numbers. i'm joined by the university of michigan professor perry sanderson. good morning to you, professor. >> good morning to you. >> what's behind thisweight of tornadic activity? >> it shoulden come as a surprise necessarily because we have much warmer conditions in the gulf of mexico. and we do know that warmer conditions do lead to more moisture in the atmosphere.
10:57 am
the amount of moisture in the atmosphere goes up exponentially with it. what's been is the horrid luck of having these stray populated areas. >> absolutely. what about in terms of the death toll numbers. joplin, 139, 100 still missing. the death toll so far this year, 520. that surpasses the previous record of 519 set in 1953. we have these terrific warning systems in place, don't we, far better than we did in the '0s, so why this record number of death? >> couple of things, there are more people living in the south which are the areas more affected and frankly it's very, very bad luck this year that they're hitting such populated areas all through the south. >> well, university of michigan professor perry sampson, coauthor of "weather underground."
10:58 am
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